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Abroad Patient Guide

Why Choose Us?

First Step:

  • You can contact us through our WhatsApp line +90 5302581096 or by e-mail on [email protected] Our experts will analyze your previous treatment’s results. A new IVF treatment protocol will be organized for you. Your first visit to clinic will be arranged.

First Examination:

You will be here in the morning with all the required documents and previous treatment’s test results. During examination our doctors will take your and your spouse’s medical history and advise some blood tests. First ultrasound checkup will be done to check number of the follicles and endometrial thickness. Please note that it is recommended to maintain 2-5 days of sexual abstinence for men to have spermiogram test.

Planning IVF Treatment:

Number of visits varies depending on every couple’s individual medical condition. IVF Treatment will start with ovulation induction. In this process follicle growth will be observed. When follicles have enough growth patient will have trigger injection. 36 hours later egg retrieval (oocyte pick up) will be performed under anesthesia. Sperm sample will be collected simultaneously. Fertilization process will be particularly observed by embryologists. Embryo transfer will be planned accordingly with the development and quality of embryos 3 or 5 days after pick up. If the rest of the embryos are in good quality, they will be frozen for next cycles.

During IVF treatment additional treatment may be planned for your cycle. Your doctor will inform you before performing. These will help to increase the chance of getting pregnant of the couple.

After Transfer:

You will have blood pregnancy test 12 days after embryo transfer. This test called as bHCG. It supposed to double in every two days. You will visit doctor for gestational sac indication when bHCG test results increase until a certain level. You can continue pregnancy follow ups either in your home country or in Turkey.

Undergoing IVF treatment in a different country can be difficult for many couples. As IVF Support, we will assist you in every step of your journey to make it more comfortable. Turkey is one of the leading medical tourism countries in the world. You can enjoy best healthcare system and spend quality time in Turkey.

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