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13 Sep
what hormone fsh
Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

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27 May
support infertility
Hysteroscopy for infertility

Hysteroscopy for Infertility, Fertility doctors may suggest you to undergo hysteroscopy operation. You try to understand the reason why you should have this operation but there is a reason for that. Hysteroscopy can affect your fertility.

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21 May
menstrual irregularity
Menstrual Irregularities

What is Menstrual Irregularity? Many women ask this question at least one time in their lifes. First of all, we need to define what menstrual cycle is. Definition of menstrual cycle is the monthly cycle of changes in the ovaries and the lining of the uterus starting with the preparation of an egg for fertilization.

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15 May
hormone fsh

What is FSH hormone? It is an essential hormone that is important both for women and men to be able to have children. Our patients who want to have children should know what their FSH hormone level is and should be able to perform blood tests before and after visiting the clinic.

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09 Mar
sperm testi

Semen analysis or Spermiogram analyzes the health and viability of men’s sperm. It is also known as sperm count test. Semen contains sperm which released during ejaculation. Semen analysis measures number, shape and motility of sperm.

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08 Feb
pregnancy sexuality

Sex during pregnancy “How to have sex during pregnancy” is the number one question commonly asked by couples. Orgasm during sex can increase endorphins naturally. In pregnant women this may lead increased blood flow in babies.

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29 Jan
how to choose the best ivf clinic
Our Mission

When you are struggling with infertility, you can’t think about the possible choices. IVF Centers will provide you specific details about all the treatments and make you focus on the right center. As IVF Centers, we provide an IVF Support Portal where couples and patients who want to have children can find free and independent information. IVF Centers will be your partner in this process. Our ultimate goal is fulfulling your children dreams.

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26 Sep
valentines day
Valentine’s Day and IVF

Many couples think that remembering special days is important for their relationship. The day that you first met, your first kiss, the date he or she proposed, the first time that you said "I love you" to each other and this list goes on forevers.

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