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How to choose the best Ivf Support

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how to choose the best ivf clinic

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How to choose the best Ivf Support

Ivf support, Pregnancy is the first stage of a unique experience as a mother and father candidates. Pregnancy has a separate place for every woman. Nowadays, depending on stress, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy nutrition and genetic factors, newly married couples cannot immediately have children despite unprotected intercourse. Couples who cannot conceive naturally can receive support by applying to the centers of assisted reproductive techniques. These centres, where insemination and IVF treatment are applied, are widely known as IVF centres in the community.

Who can have IVF treatment?

Women who have had multiple miscarriages, 35 years of age and have not been pregnant despite a 1-year unprotected relationship or over the age of 35 and have not been pregnant for 6 months, men who have low sperm count in semen analysis (Spermiogram) must visit an IVF center.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Center

Before starting IVF treatment, searching for the right clinic can be exhausting for couples. Paying attention to some points will make the process easier for the couples. Women and men should first decide to start IVF treatment and ensure that they will continue treatment. The next step should be to visit the IVF centres and receive information from patient consultants. The attitude of the patient consultants, the reliability and credibility of the information they gave, the cleanliness of the clinic or the center, the quality of the devices used and the technological characteristics of the embryology laboratory are a few points that couples should pay attention to.

Which Questions Couples Should Ask?

You should always share your curiosity with your doctor when you visit the IVF clinic or during the first examination. How many people are treated per month in the clinic, how many people are conceived, the rate of live birth, the success rate of frozen embryo transfer, the contribution of the Center’s laboratory to success, whether any surgical operations such as micro Tese is performed in the center. You should be able to get answers to your questions. An experienced center should be able to address the hesitations of patients. You can also listen to their recommendations if you have previously treated acquaintances in the clinic.

Does IVF treatment cost a lot?

IVF treatment is an affordable treatment method when the correct methods are applied. Choosing a quality center will prevent you from seeing a failed or incomplete treatment.

IVF Success Rates by Clinics

You will have enough information about the stages of IVF treatment in the centers visited and after a while you will start to compare the clinics or centres by yourself. The quality of the laboratory is very important at this point. The diversity of clinical services plays an important role in increasing the chance of pregnancy. The application of personalized treatment, i.e. the source of infertility, is determined by performing the appropriate and effective treatment, which ensures the success of the treatment. Expert doctors, experienced nurses, quality laboratory staff and a friendly patient consultants will be able to treat both financially and spiritually with confidence to the couples. IVF treatment is a team work.