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Male Infertility and Micro Tese

Male Infertility

Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction (Micro Tese) is a surgical operation used to obtain sperm from testes in male infertility cases. This surgery generally performed before In Vitro Fertilization-IVF treatment. Many couples prefer to undergo IVF treatment if they can’t conceive. In IVF treatment recent methods give hope to infertile couples. As it is shown in the recent treatments, Micro Tese surgery has positive results on the treatments. So what is Micro Tese and who can have this surgery?

Sperm Extraction with Micro Tese

Micro Tese surgery was first performed in 1990 and seen as a revolutionary move in male infertility during that time. Men who have no sperm in the ejaculate may produce sperm inside of the testes. In some areas of testes sperm can be produced. Patients who have Azoospermia can have a chance to become a father with Micro Tese surgery.

How is Micro Tese performed?

The aim of Micro Tese surgery is to find sperm which can be used in IVF treatment. This surgery is performed under anesthesia. Tissue samples are taken from up to four different points of testes. Among these samples embryologists select viable sperm which can be used to conceive a baby during IVF or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

What is the advantage of Micro Tese?

In conventional testicular biopsy doctors took tissue samples from only one point of testes. No sperm can be found on that point. Additionally, tissue loss and bleeding is a common effect of this surgery. With Micro Tese these negative effects have been minimized.

Who can have Micro Tese surgery?

Patients who don’t have congenital seminal duct or have blockage inside the ducts, Varicocele, Azoospermia, Aspermi, Cryptosmia, Teratozoospermia, Polyisogospermia, Actenozoospermia and after-mumps effects can have this surgery. Additionally, patients who had radiation therapy and used certain drugs may have problems in producing sperm. Therefore, before this therapy patients have Micro Tese surgery and then freeze their sperm for advance treatments.

Success Rate

Success rate of Micro Tese surgery is significantly higher than the other sperm retrieval techniques. Professional doctors and andrology laboratory affects the surgery as well.

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