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Semen Analysis Spermiogram

Semen analysis or Spermiogram analyzes the health and viability of men’s sperm. It is also known as sperm count test. Semen contains sperm which released during ejaculation. Semen analysis measures number, shape and motility of sperm. People who should have a Spermiogram test may have some concerns about the procedure or cost. At this point, a professional clinic or lab will help you to understand the process for semen analysis.

“What is Spermiogram?” is a common question many people ask about it. Spermiogram test indicates a man’s potential to produce sperm and analyzes the quality, shape and number of sperms. This test is recommended when a fertility specialist thinks that a man has a fertility problem. Infertility is diagnosed when a couple has unprotected regular intercourse and couldn’t conceive for 12 months. During sperm test, couple should be together in the examination room.

Spermiogram Test: How It’s Done

Before Spermiogram test is performed, couple’s medical history should be taken in detail. Doctors should find out whether they have harmful addictions or habits. Medical history should include all the activities since adolescence. After first consultation, doctor would like to analyze the result of sperm count test.

It is preferable to collect a semen sample at hospital since it must be analyzed within an hour. However, some patients take their sample at home and bring later. It is not recommended but it some cases it’s acceptable. Semen is collected in a private room. By masturbating patient collects his semen sample in a special container. Before having this test, patient should avoid ejaculation for 3-5 days.

Sex During Pregnancy

Recent scientific studies show that couples should not need to concern about sexual relationship during pregnancy.

Masturbation is the preferred way to get a clear sample. During masturbation patient should avoid using any materials such as cream or gel. First sperm drops are important for testing and should be directly taken inside container. The container must be sterile and no one should touch it. If test result shows any abnormal findings, doctors may demand a repeat test. Sperm count and semen consistency can vary from day to day, and some conditions can temporarily affect sperm motility and numbers.

Semen Analysis Spermiogram

Semen analysis Spermiogram analyzes the health and viability of men’s sperm. It is also known as sperm count test. Semen contains sperm which released during ejaculation.

Evaluation of Test Results

Semen must be delivered to the laboratory within 30 to 60 minutes after semen left the body. With a special method concentration, vitality, movement (motility), fragrances and presence of microorganisms are observed.

The amount of semen should be on average between two and six milligrams. Concentration value must be more than 20.000.000 million/milliliters. Sperms should be liquefied in 60 minutes. Otherwise fertility could be affected. Its color can be gray or yellow. Sperm count should be at least 40 million.

Things to Do

Many factors affect sperm quality negatively. Cigarette and alcohol are the most common factors. Smoking reduces the number of sperm and destroys its structure. Alcohol reduces testosterone hormone level and sexual desire. Also men should avoid having a hot bath.

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